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. . " is just about grammatical in English though, even if nobody would actually use it. ;-). I'd translate your example to English as "The school's most popular student had to repeat the last year of school". 24 نوفمبر I can help you practice Spanish.

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Translate grammar into Spanish. Find words for grammar in Spanish in this Spanish-English dictionary. Traducir grammar de Inglés a español. Use our English to Spanish translator. Learn how to pronounce your phrase by listening to the audio recording. You can translate a maximum of 25 words for free. To translate your English phrase, type the words into the form below, select your gender, accent, playback speed and click the blue "Translate" button.

one of the wires on a musical instruments that makes notes.

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Most accurate translations. Over 1 million words and phrases. Translate English to Spanish to English.

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Grammar. Elegir Conjugation in Spanish, Translation, and Examples. Grammar.
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The difficult part is how to know whether that specific noun you are using is feminine or masculine. 2019-05-10 · Grammar Difficulties. English grammar is particularly confusing to Spanish speakers. Because Spanish has more verbs endings than English, a complete sentence in Spanish does not always need a subject.

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Unlike English, the possessive article also changes depending on the number of items that one possesses Grammar.