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Am-241. 104. 1. Cf-250. 104. 10. Am-242.

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This document is part of the Supplement containing the complete sets of data of Subvolume B `Nuclei with Z = 55 - 100' of Volume 22 `Nuclear Binding Energies and Atomic Masses' of Landolt-Börnstein - Group I `Elementary Particles, Nuclei and Atoms', and additionally including data for nuclei with Z = 101 - 130. It provides atomic mass, mass excess, nuclear binding energy, nucleon separation Californium-249. UNII-R08357L1XX. R08357L1XX. 15237-97-5.

1. Cf-253. Cm247.

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1 x 107. Cf-250. 1 x 104. Fm-255.

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Rev. C 74, 044602 – Published 9 October 2006 An article within the collection: Transuranium Elements and the Physical Review and … Particle-number conserving analysis of rotational bands in Cm-247,Cm- 249 and Cf-249 2008-5-29 · - 2 - These issues, which are at the heart of public debate in the United States and a number of ally nations, require continued and close attention. Skandiluxe CF249 Chest Freezer. Auction Details Contents of Butchers shop and Wholesale Cutting Room, Brand new Catering Equipment plus Kiosk Unit with contents. Ends from. 27 Jan 2016 10:30 GMT Date Format. Venue Address.
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Tabell 1. Aktinider i en bränslepatron med utbränningen 42 MWd/kg*U. X/ALI-inh. 100 år. 1 000 år.

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60" floor length, heavily sequined and rhinestone beaded lace starting 30" down. Locate Nearest Store .