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Why not just ask for a name change on the original account? If i was a cs rep i would think that. So again, i have 0 idea if this works, someone should test it with like a level 80 or something (no sor, original merged wow accounts) as sor they will see different name on account, different name on and different name you want to Having said that, many of Blizzard's games have the option of hiding RealID names in-game, although the streamer would have to do this, not you. To disable the display of Real ID names in Overwatch: Click Options; Click Social; Change "Display Real IDs For Friends" to "No". The perfect name is yours!

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Note: Changes to this setting may take up to 24 hours to update. Managing Real ID You can purchase a BattleTag Change service from the Shop, which can take up to 24 hours for processing. After the purchase is finalized, you can complete the BattleTag Change in Account Management. BattleTag Changes are not giftable.

Allow a customer service representative to change the name for you. If you contact by e-mail or webform, you will receive a confirmation about the change or a request for more information as soon as possible.

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I also registered with a fake name on and after something like 20 support emails, these lovely guys from Blizzard told me that there were NO WAY for me to change my account's personnal data EXCEPT if I provide a copy of my identity card. 2012-07-28 Change Real ID Preferences Friends of Friends.

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2009-07-10 · Put in fake name when creating battlenet account- now they wont change it. Exactly as the title says. I was a dumb kid when I made my battlenet account and I put in a fake name when I made it. Since then I have spent YEARS playing WoW and even put some real money in the game. Blizzard refuses to change my name on my account to my real one.
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I was a dumb kid when I made my battlenet account and I put in a fake name when I made it.

Name. Holly Cole – If You Could Read My Mind (Gordon Lightfoot cover) Night was Holly He'd learned that Warner Brothers intended to change the name of his album Sit who you may remember singing “Creep” in the trailer for The Social Network, that allowed listeners to get scratchy, authentic recordings of their own work. Name your medal Please use the tools on the left to begin creating your medal.
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Looks like nothing happened when I was away. My screen shows pretty much the same prices from when I left, so I guess I picked the right time to go to the There are lots of reasons to do a name change, including marriage and divorce -- and just not liking the name you were given at birth. It's a pretty simple process in most places, and often possible to do yourself without the help of a lawy CVS has stopped selling tobacco products a month earlier than promised. They also announced a name change to CVS Health, and more changes behind the counter to promote smoking cessation.